When it comes to building our clients’ wealth, we don’t rush. We help them secure their financial futures by taking the long view and sticking to our plan.

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Leveraging our expertise in Asia Pacific markets, our mission is to provide quality investment products based on various risk profiles, to offer professional investment advisory services and customised asset management services, and to deliver comprehensive solutions for our large and distinguished clientele, including institutions, corporates and high net worth individuals.​

Our expertise in cross-border investments, Asia Pacific and global capital markets, has allowed us to cultivate diversified investment strategies in listed equities and bonds, private equity, fund of funds, and customised investment products in form of funds or discretionary accounts.​

The private equity investment business is managed by both onshore and offshore teams with an important mission: contribute to Asia’s huge and emerging financial markets by leveraging the cross-border integration of commercial and investment banking businesses.

Robert J Albertson

CEO Canada Asset Management Group Limited

Plan ahead and be the champion of the rest of your life.

We protect and build wealth by taking the long view. That means removing the emotion from investing and adhering to a rigorous process.

At the same time, we build strong, long term relationships with our clients. We don’t make unrealistic promises. We do commit to highly-disciplined investing and first class service.

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The Right Strategies

Investing would be easy if a single strategy was right for everyone.

In reality, each investor has a distinct circumstance in terms of their assets and resources, financial goals, needs, and risk tolerance. Investments that are appropriate for an unmarried 25-year-old may not be suitable for a 50-year-old with kids in college or for a retiree who depends on investment income.​

Working with a financial professional, such as a stockbroker or financial advisor, is one way to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to investing.

As professionals we have a duty to fully understand your financial circumstances and to recommend only suitable financial products or trading strategies.

These are RIGID rules every advisor at Canada Asset Management Group adopts when it comes to advising each and every one of our clients about investments we propose.

Hong Kong and Canada have long-standing and close trade, investment and people-to-people relations. In 2020, Hong Kong was Canada's fourth largest market for fish and seafood and seventh largest export market in the world for precious / semi precious stones. Hong Kong’s merchandise imports from Canada amounted to C$1.3 billion. In late 2019, Hong Kong's outward direct investment in Canada was C$11.4 billion, whereas that of Hong Kong's inward direct investment from Canada was C$32.3 billion.‍

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and Canada signed an Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (IPPA) in February 2016 and the IPPA entered into force in September 2016. The Agreement gives additional assurance to Canadian investors that their investments in Hong Kong are adequately protected. There are currently about 400 000 Canadian passport holders and 200 Canadian companies in Hong Kong.

Bilateral Relations between Hong Kong and Canada

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